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Who We Worked With

Magnify Sales Group manages a curated selection of top brands from within the gift, home, and gourmet space. We pride ourselves in partnering with many female-founded and BIPOC-founded brands – all of which strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly.




Vesper is here to liven your drinks up! Vesper has made a line up of sophisticated, deeply flavourful and enjoyable drinks. Whether entertaining or relaxing – just mix with your favourite spirits, juices or hot/sparkling water for zero-proof recipes and get sipping!⁠

Improper Cup B_edited.jpg


Improper Cup is not afraid to let loose and have a little fun. Our distinctive blends are packed with a dose of humor packaging with a dash of irreverence. An ideal way to add some lightness to your day since at Improper Cup, we think life is too short to take anything too seriously. 

Bisou B_edited.jpg


Bisou Bar was founded with the goal to re-define tea experience by curating artworks that capture the essence of each blend. Our packaging is designed to be a centerpiece of any household, much like a bouquet of flowers. Our blends are hand-crafted, ethically sourced, organic compliant, kosher and free from anything artificial. Beautifully wrapped in a sustainable packaging using only recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials.


Lund B_edited.jpg


Lund London is the brainchild of Daniel Lund Savage, one of the up-and-coming British designers that achieved worldwide fame. Working closely with artisans and craftsmen, he is personally involved in each and every product that leaves his fashion house. It's no wonder that Lund London's products go beyond mere aesthetics and become a work of art!



Urbanity features exclusive Banksy graffiti artwork on a range of products including notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, and mugs. Each piece captures the rebellious and thought-provoking essence of Banksy's iconic street art, bringing a touch of urban culture to everyday items. Perfect for customers who appreciate bold and unique designs, Urban.ity combines artistic expression with practical functionality. Explore our collection and offer your customers a chance to own a piece of contemporary art history.



Noa Lux is a luxury home fragrance and self care brand with fragrances inspired by travel and our inner Wanderlusts. Noa Lux was founded in 2021 by Tissanie Sayles, who named the brand after her daughter Noa Victoria.

Noa Lux candles were created to transport you home when you’re away or serve as a reminder of familiar places from the first light to the final flame. 



Lin and his wife May we’re inspired while traveling in Europe when they saw people walking out of quaint candy stores smiling from cheek to cheek. They wanted to create and share this happiness, so they went to Australia and stayed for 3 months to learn

the art of making hard candies by hand. Now, almost 10 years in they have mastered the art of candy making - and they are 

ready to share their sweet passion with the world.

Noted by Copine.jpg


Noted by Copine was dreamed up many years ago by two fashion veteran sisters on opposite coasts, and launched in 2019. Cindy
and Sonia worked in Design and Sales/Marketing in the fashion industry for many years before finally deciding to create

something a little more fun together. All cards are made from recycled materials, and all illustrations are hand-drawn and

printed in New York. They draw from their experiences working and growing up in New York City.

Kramaller Brand Outline.jpg


Dive into the delightful world of Karameller, where each piece of candy is a nod to Sweden's rich confectionery heritage. Specializing in authentic Swedish sweets, Karameller offers a range of flavors that are both traditional and innovative. From the classic salty licorice to the sweet and fruity, every selection promises a genuine taste of Scandinavia. Crafted with care and designed to enchant, Karameller's candies are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Join us in celebrating the joy of Swedish candy craftsmanship with Karameller.

Spoken Flames Brand Outline_edited.jpg


Spoken Flames invites you to experience candles in a whole new light. More than just a source of fragrance, these candles are crafted to engage all your senses, offering a multisensory journey with every light. With wooden wicks that softly crackle, creating a serene ambiance, and scents developed to evoke emotion and memory, Spoken Flames transforms your space into a sanctuary of mindfulness. Each candle is a blend of artistry and intention, designed to elevate your everyday moments into experiences of calm and inspiration. Ignite your senses and illuminate your surroundings with Spoken Flames.

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